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Notices for Construction of Aluminum Alloy High Speed Yacht


Aluminum alloy high-speed boats are generally built to pursue speed. In order to improve ship speed, under the same ship type and main engine power, the lighter the airship weight, the faster the speed, the lower the fuel consumption. In addition to strictly controlling the weight of materials used in the construction of the speedboat, discontinuous welding can not only control the welding deformation, but also reduce the weight of the empty boat in the welding design of the aluminum alloy speedboat. However, discontinuous welding is not suitable for high stress or special area, so we should also pay attention to the following weld design requirements:

Aluminum alloy high speed boat's design requirements for weld

1. Specification requirements for double-sided continuous welding are as follows: medium truss and flat keel, machine base and support structure, oil-tight and water-tight structure perimeter, all structures at rudder, in impact. Bottom and bottom structures, stiffeners, props, transverse braces and trusses, supports and ends, upper parts of the propeller, all components within the radius range of at least 1.5 times the diameter of the propeller, elbows and adjacent trusses or other structural components, truss web ends, elbows and bulkheads subjected to greater shear stress.

2. In addition to calculating the welding coefficients according to the specifications, the foot of fillet weld should be more than 3 mm, but not more than 1.5 times thicker than the thin component, regardless of the type and method of welding. The foot of discontinuous weld is generally not more than 7mm.

3. When discontinuous welding is used, the wrap angle length at the toe end of elbow plate shall not be less than or equal to that of the connecting bone, and not less than 75 mm; when the end of profile is inclined, especially at the end, the wrap angle length shall be the profile or not less than the inclined length, and the length of the wrap angle shall be larger; the vertical intersection of the ends of various openings, notches and vertically connected components shall be no less than 75 mm; and the continuous length of the discontinuous weld shall be general. No less than 15 times plate thickness or less than 75 mm;



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