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How big is the yacht? Classification and Introduction of Yachts


Nowadays, the classification of aluminium alloy high-speed yachts has become more and more complicated, but in brief, we can still roughly classify yachts into three categories according to different sizes. The small yachts under 20 feet to 35 feet are mostly of this kind.

basically corresponds to what we usually call speedboats. With the characteristics of low price and fast entry, the developed countries in the yacht industry have been taking the largest share. Usually equipped with a high-power engine, the pursuit of maximum speed, configuration is relatively simple. There is no cabin in the open bow type, and comfortable seats in the bow can be used for a ride in the wind. There is a cabin in the open bow type for 2-3 people to rest. It is suitable as a sea base for skiing, diving and other sports.

recreational aluminum alloy high-speed boats

35-60 feet of medium-sized yachts are mostly of this type.

Family vacation yacht can provide 3-6 people to go to sea for vacation, with at least one cabin, usually equipped with 2-3 bedrooms, in addition to kitchens, guest rooms, game rooms and many other family conveniences, with adequate supplies can stay at sea for a week, and the design also pays attention to creating a warm family atmosphere. The size of the yacht is similar to that of the household yacht. The cab on the upper deck caters to the needs of the fishermen. The yacht usually has a complete set of fishing devices, such as fishing pool, fishing rod bracket, bait box, pulley, etc. The large yacht also has a dividing rack and a flock tracker, and a kitchen in the living room. There is no place like here where you can enjoy seafood at the freshest moment of food. It's a big meal.

Business-type aluminum alloy high-speed boats

60 feet above the large yachts are mostly of this type, 120 feet above the super yacht.

Deck lounge, meeting area and dining area behind the boat are bigger, which are mostly used for business meetings, business gatherings and public relations promotion. Usually there are 3-5 bedrooms for 6-10 people to rest. Communication, meeting and office facilities are perfect. Business communication can be smoothly carried out in a relaxed atmosphere.

Super yacht as the top luxury yacht, facilities quality and design style are incomparable, restaurants, bars, spas, cinemas, gyms, deck golf, aprons... Even a simple clinic with a private doctor, you can almost imagine land-based activities here.


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