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Cleaning method of sofa leather inside luxury yacht


Cleaning method of sofa leather inside luxury yacht. First of all, we should know the types of cortex. Sofa cleaners and maintenance agents can be used in addition to sanding skin.

1. Because some leather surface treatment is poor, please try it in the place where the leather is not conspicuous before use. If there is fading phenomenon, water can be added to dilute it until satisfactory. < p > < p > 2. Handheld products are sprayed to the surface about 10 cm (4 inches) away, part of which is sprayed at a time until it is wet.

Aluminum alloy yacht

Aluminum alloy yacht

Aluminum alloy yacht

P>3. Wash towel or sponge with clean water (when the leather is very dirty, it can be slightly warm water). Rub the leather gently and wipe off dust and dirt. Rinse the towel, clean the leather, remove dust and dirt, continue to clean the towel, repeat the above steps until the cleaning part is completed. Leather should be naturally dried to avoid direct exposure to heat or sunlight. < p > < p > 4. After each cleaning, care should be given with leather protectant.

5. The cleaning method of sandy sofa can not be used in the above cleaning methods (except oil stains on the cortex). It can be gently wiped with a fine copper brush to restore its beauty.


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