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Dried food! You can't be ignorant of the use of these yacht interior materials


After the yacht entered the Chinese market, the yacht industry entered a rapid development stage, and the domestic yacht interior design has gradually formed its own characteristics. Yacht interior design contains a lot of knowledge, among which the choice of yacht interior materials is a technology.

< p> 1. Yacht interior decoration materials commonly used

< p> 1, rubber

< p> rubber used as yacht interior floor, the main features are environmental mute, anti-skid and durable, flame retardant, color-stable, recyclable, excellent wear-resistant materials, etc. Its service life is more than 20 years, with excellent noise reduction function, can reduce noise more than 20 decibels.

Rubber floor also has strong corrosion resistance, iodine liquor and disinfectant will not have a significant impact on its performance, relatively high safety, fire protection performance B1 (GB), anti-skid performance R9, no release of toxic gases. In addition, it can effectively inhibit bacteria and fungi. Leather spinning

< p > 2, leather spinning

< p > leather spinning materials adopt unique leather spinning process and special treatment technology, so that the concept of vehicle and ship decoration can achieve a new change. Suitable for middle and high-grade yacht seats, warehouse decoration, etc. Features:


1), developed by high-tech technology, using three-dimensional green leather process of moist super-fibre leather spinning decorative materials, high-grade products, decorative interior looks elegant and luxurious without losing popularity.

2), flexible packaging products, for indoor packaging more cultural characteristics. < p > < p > 3), sound absorption and heat insulation effect is remarkable, and energy saving is very good. Druma floor is a new non-combustible floating floor. Its structure, weight and installation are basically the same as the traditional floor, but it reduces the weight of the floor in varying degrees. In order to adapt to the new generation of super yachts, an innovation has been made in the selection of materials and fire protection functions.


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